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Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI)

Brian Nosek speaks on creating culture of open, reproducible research: IUNI
On Oct. 4, Brian Nosek came to Indiana University to discuss the big challenges around improving transparency and reproducibility in research, as well as steps the scientific community can take to shift research culture in that direction.

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New BotSlayer tool identifies bot-led misinformation campaigns: IUNI
The newest tool in the Observatory on Social Media’s (OSoMe) toolbox has arrived. The research center just launched an open beta version of BotSlayer for the public to try. BotSlayer, which expands off of the OSoMe tool Bot Electioneering Volume (BEV), can identify bot campaigns on Twitter before they escalate.

Filipi Silva Q&A: research scientist brings network visualization expertise to IUNI: IUNI
Filipi N. Silva is the latest addition to the IUNI team, joining us last month as an assistant research scientist. In this Q&A, Silva talks to us about what he’s working on at IUNI and why he loves the work he does.

Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment (CADRE)

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The Five CADRE Pillars
To help breakdown CADRE’s mission, we introduced people to the five core principles of CADRE. These five pillars are the foundation that supports our ultimate goal, as they define why we are creating the platform.

They are: Community, Access, Data, Reproducibility, and Empowerment.

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CADRE launches alpha version of open research platform: CADRE
The Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment (CADRE) will release the alpha version of its platform today in tandem with its major workshop that will show researchers from any institution how to access and test the free tier of the platform during alpha.

MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology

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Art in Science: Putting Your Passion to Work: The Hub
— Science illustrator Peter Carrington of the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden will be showing his collection of art at Brody Hall on Michigan State’s campus. The exhibit will run from March 3, 2016 through the beginning of the summer (videos).

Not just for Movies: MakeCentral uses 3-D Models for Scientific Research: The Hub
In this Q&A, we talked to Elise Yoon, a first-year Osteopathic Medicine student at Michigan State, who works at the Neuroscience Program lab. She recently went to Make Central to create 3-D printed brains as part of the lab’s research and to display the results at the MSU Museum.

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